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A supremely refreshing Vitamin and Peptide-rich hydrator that helps skin to retain a firmer, brighter and more toned appearance. A synergistic blend of Asafetida Extract, Vitamins C and E, and a natural Retinoid alternative help intensify moisture levels and protect peptides which nourish the skin.


  • - Lanacityn - is a combination of marine exopolysaccharides with an African plant extract rich in flavonoids. This combination of two extreme molecules provides free radical activity. - Multivitamin A-C-E. - Ethyl Ascorbyl Acid - is a stabilized form of Vitamin C. It is an excellent anti-oxidant, it stimulates collagen production and is well-known for its melanin inhibiting properties. - Preregen - is a mixture of botanically derived peptides that inhibit the formation of proteinases. - Ferulic Acid - anti-oxidant which neutralizes free radicals and helps to prevent damage to cells caused by ultraviolet light.

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