Be transformed by the gifted touch of an expert massage practitioner in our serene spa.Explore our truly state-of-the-art Specialty Massage offerings, you will be amazed at the level of healing and improved sense of well being that one treatment can bring.


50-minutes  |  $65  *add 30 Min for $30

Enjoy the relaxing benefits of Swedish incorporating a wide variety of massage techniques to address focused areas, all with firmer pressure to deepen the therapeutic benefits.


50-minutes   |   $90 *add 30 minutes for $30

After warming the tissue with Swedish, deep pressure is used to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia where aches and pains are held. Deep Tissue Massage can help with chronic pain, pinched nerves, injury rehabilitation, osteoarthritis, postural problems and limited range of motion.


50-minutes   |   $95  *add 30 minutes for $30 

Sports Massage is the perfect modality for someone who is active, athletic, or wants a more revitalizing massage experience. This brisker-paced style of massage increases circulation, reduces fatigue, addresses any muscle soreness due to extended or over-use, and helps prevent injuries. Incorporating range techniques for the joints and stretching, Sports Massage can benefit anyone. 


$38 for 30 minutes  |  $70 for 60 minutes  |  $100 for 90 minutes

 Reflexology is an ancient technique based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands that correspond to every part of the body. Therapists stimulate and apply pressure to the feet or hands. Reflexology can increase circulation and promote specific bodily and muscular functions. Clients with chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, have found this technique to be beneficial in managing their condition. 


$10 Additional with your massage

Deepen the benefits of your massage with a customized aromatherapy blend. Your massage therapist will assist you in choosing from our aromatherapy bar the perfect combination of essential oils to enhance your massage and address your individual concerns.